Sunday, February 18, 2007


Congratulation and most welcome to the most demanding new named political party in Bangladesh by the name "Nagarik Shakti" under the vigor leadership of Dr. Mohammed Yunus. Dr. Yunus boldly crossed the line to put down the ill- political system of Bangladesh and to K.O those power greedy heinous Gangsters, Godfathers and looters of the public wealth. It's time to empower this pioneer, dedicated and internationally famous good man, an icon of the braves. It is a vital need that some one must bring order and peace, wealth and prosperity in the fallen eco-soc, political and ethical fields of Bangladesh. The out cry to up-bring, up-lift and up-grade of the Bengali people can no way be avoided. Let's support, join, acknowledge and enhance " NAGARIK SHAKTI". It was a long cry to help the denuded people of Bangladesh. The devine demand of a trustworthed genuine leader was full filed by Dr. Yunus. This great man will probe that the people of Bangladesh are not breeded by the immoral political gangs and in their beds. That, the people can no longer remain captives in the devil hands of those mis-leading , looter and power hungry politicians. The commitment of Nagarik Shakti Party would be to bring economical and political freedom for all and to fight to change those failed systems in Bangladesh. What do you say?